Services & Solutions

Whether your company is looking for something new, considering replacing an outdated system or process, seeking advice on streamlining your current processes, or simply have training needs, Onca Technologies can provide a bespoke solution.

With modern systems, there’s always more than one way to achieve the desired output. Onca Technologies can implement and operate networks onsite at your location, within your organisation’s own data centre and existing solutions. We aim to deliver what our clients want in both hardware, software, support and training. We are a certified and registered partner to major hardware and software suppliers and can support organisations of any size.

In an industry where there are consistently new solutions, we are proud to say that we can deliver anything from regular ISDN exchanges, through IP solutions to pure mobile or data solutions that integrate into the company’s existing IT system. With an IT service agreement, you will be ensured consistent follow-up and reliable support to ensure that the solutions we deliver lead the way for your organisation’s continued success.

Our company can also provide mobile, IP and ISDN telephone solutions together with video solutions for large and small businesses. We are constantly working to be continuously updated on future-oriented solutions and can help to bring these advances into your workplace.

We can also provide additional web services, including:

  • Domain registration & support
  • Web solutions in private and / or public cloud services
  • Email and communication solutions on platforms such as Office 365, Hosted Exchange, Smartermail and Lotus Notes
  • Bespoke web solutions like HTTP Commander, customer made calendars, online widgets